Sarah Moser provides private tutoring to children of any age who need help with reading, spelling, writing, or the clear, phonetic structure of English.  She uses the outstanding K-12 integrated language arts program, Spell to Write and Read, as well as other materials necessary for each individual case.  SWR is not only for students and adults struggling with reading and writing, but for all students of English.

Is My Child Dyslexic? Is There a Learning Disorder?

Does your child struggle to read even one page of a book? Do you have a teen who still cannot read chapter books past the fourth grade level? Have you or your child been told they are dyslexic or have reading problems? Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on tutoring or therapies that don’t seem to help your child? Have you been told your child needs medication to study or read well? Perhaps not. Find out what Spell to Write and Read can do for your child or your classroom students.

Your Student Deserves to Learn English Properly

SWR teaches English in the scientifically accurate, historical way that was taught in this country from before the time of the Founders through most of the 20th Century. It is only since these historic and proven methods were removed from our schools that reading problems and systemic learning disabilities in this country began.

SWR Works With the Brain, Not Against It

Discover this time-honored method of teaching language that works with the human brain instead of against it, as visual or computer-based methods do.

Seminars/ Teacher Training Available

Spell to Write and Read two-day Basic Seminars, and the three-day Advanced Seminars, for adults teaching the program, are posted elsewhere on this site.  The Basic Seminar is the prerequisite for the Advanced Seminar. Wise Guide Practicum Workshops, for alums of the Basic Seminar, are available at regular intervals.  Keep checking the Seminars page for up to date information on dates and places. Parents or teachers who have taken the Basic Seminar also qualify for reduced rates for tutoring.

Private Tutoring or Small Classes?

Small classes called either Reading for Success (for K-6th) or Applied Linguistics (for 7th and up) are available for groups of 3-10.  Small group tutoring is also available.  Sarah welcomes your inquiries at any time. If you are interested in seeing SWR in action, you are welcome to contact Sarah to arrange to watch a live tutoring session with one of her current students.

Parent Coaching/ Teacher Observation

Private Parent Coaching sessions or classes are also available by direct arrangement with her. For trained classroom instructors already using SWR, Teacher Observation Clinics may also be arranged with Sarah for a fee. For further information, please contact her at

Photo courtesy of Lawrence H. Moser, all rights reserved, June 5, 2011