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Spell to Write & Read Registration Form


Date of Seminar                                          City                                         State


Last Name                                                    First Name


My Street Address (or PO Box) City                                         State                          Zip


Phone Number                                           Cell Number                         Email Address


Ages of Children/Students                                                                      Grade Level/s


SEMINAR COST: (please check the appropriate space):

2-Day: _______ 1st timer $135.00 _______ Special Guest $68.00

3-Day: _______ 1st timer $198 _______ Special Guest $98.00

__I am a first time attendee

__I am a special guest attending at the half/price fee

Circle reason: full-time missionary/wife, pastor/wife, single parent, additional family member

[spouse or child 12 years or older living at home], alumni retaking the same level

of SWR seminar with an endorsed SWR trainer

If alumni explain: I attended a (circle: basic or advanced) seminar at __________________ taught by endorsed trainer ________________________________ in the year ________


4 Hour Options: $35.00 each or $68.00 per person for two workshops on the same day

6.0 Hour Options: $50.00 each per person

8.0 Hour Options: $68.00 each per person

(State which workshop/s):

Practicum Options:        ____ Spelling Dictation Practicum [6 or 8 hour option]

____ Spelling Dictation Intensive + Lesson Planning Practicum [3.5 hour option]

____ Tracking Student Progress/ Testing Progress Practicum [3.5 hour option]

____ Teaching SWR to PK-K and Other Nonreaders Practicum**  [6 hour option]

** $3.00 supply fee to be added to tuition

____ Send me directions to class and possible housing in the area.

____ I have enclosed a book order or attached a list of items I wish to buy on site.

Total enclosed ____________________________

(Email Trainer for PayPal instructions if paying by credit or debit card)

Send payment with this form to:

Sarah Gunning Moser

c/o Spell to Write and Read Seminars

15843 Northup Way

Bellevue, WA   98008-2536


Please email Sarah at to order SWR Core Kit, required for seminar.  You may order via PayPal by sending Sarah an email for special instructions.  Core Kit is $105.00 + Sales Tax (home) or $110.00 + Sales Tax (classroom).

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO SARAH GUNNING MOSER.  WRITE “SWR SEMINAR”, “Wise Guide Practicum”, OR “SWR Materials” on the lower left of the check. NOTE:  Shipping and handling charged on shipped materials orders.