“Literacy Today: What is Wrong and How Can We Fix It?”

*Author of Spell to Write and Read

In February of 2001, SWR author Wanda Sanseri testified before the Oregon State Senate regarding the problems with teaching whole language, or sight reading, to young children.  She addressed the severe problems rampant in the United States regarding in instruction and its effect on literacy outcomes, none of which have truly been addressed in our schools to this day.

If you own a copy of Spell to Write and Read, you will find this speech beginning in Appendix A, page 189.  If you do not yet own this essential text, you may download a free copy of the entire speech for your own use.

Go to Senate_Speech.pdf for a copy.  You will understand a great deal more about SWR and its founding research in this thought-provoking article.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information. I became personally concerned when I showed my grandson a copy of a letter written in cursive by his great-grandfatherand he explained to me that he wished he knew how to read cursive writing! I was shocked as I have not been active involved in the school system since my 42 year old son graduated!!! But now that I know, I am going to devote my time to teaching other students tow to read and write. Again, Thanks

  2. Please send me a copy of the senator’s speech

  3. Sarah Moser says:


    Thanks so much for your response! If you go back to the page at the following link, you will find a hyperlink in blue to download your copy of the Senate Speech given by Wanda Sanseri, the author of the Spell to Write and Read (SWR) program. It is powerful. Even though she mentions no particular programs to teach English, you will gain great insights into where your grandson is running into troubles.

    I am an Endorsed Spell to Write and Read Trainer for Western WA, ID, and WY, but have also taught seminars in MT, CO, and OR. If you are interested in Skype tutoring to learn the program, but are out of the Western WA area, I have openings. I do parent/grandparent coaching via Skype, as well, and tutor students of any age. This includes in cursive.

    If you are interested in more information about the importance of cursive, write me back at:

    I have plenty of information to share!

    Sarah Moser

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