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Navigating a Homeschool Conference without Losing Your Mind!

During a homeschool conference remember to breathe. Proceed slowly, and orient yourself to your surroundings.

Look at everything as if you are strolling through a fascinating museum, looking at the ecosystems of your favorite zoo, or observing displays of children’s work at your local mall. In other words, take your time and enjoy the process. You are a homeschooler! You are blessed and privileged to educate your children the way the Lord leads. Like I said, breathe.

After my first convention in 1990, I learned the best approach:

  • spend the first day looking at exhibits, taking notes
  • systematically go up and down each aisle, using a map of the venue
  • look, observe, pick up information, talk with the vendors
  • note which booths to return to the next day

Like most homeschoolers, I was on a limited budget. There were always more things I would have loved to buy for my children (and for me!) than I could possibly purchase at one time. I learned to set priorities before I arrived; this way I could stick to my budget.

Prior to the conference:

  • look through trusted catalogs (see suggestions in related post, Recommended Vendors)
  • write lists of vendors to check on, books to look for, materials to price
  • prioritize most important items to get with others secondary
  • pack a lunch and snacks; food is often pricey or limited at conferences
  • set out comfortable clothing and shoes As you wander the aisles, do the following:
  • check off your priorities: math curriculum, history selections, science materials, art supplies, etc.

Navigating a homeschool conference and curriculum fair need not be stressful. Enjoy the process and the privilege.

Did I mention you should breathe?

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