Sarah Moser is one of 25 Endorsed Trainers for Spell to Write and Read at this time.  SWR currently has trainers in the U.S., Canada, China, and soon in South Korea. The program is comprehensive and is designed to be taught incrementally over the five to six years most children are in elementary school.  Foundations are built first in phonetics and a slow introduction to applicable spelling rules, moves to handwriting and spelling, then composition and reading.  This works with the brain not against it.

Unfortunately, 85% of our school systems use some variation of “whole language”, which expects children to learn only by sight and memorization, and which falsely assumes that this leads directly to reading comprehension and skill.  Whole language fails most children abysmally, and after second or third grade tends to cause their reading abilities to stall.  Whole language approaches literally work against the natural development and structure of the brain, and this is particularly so for young children.

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