The Advanced Seminar includes three entire days of teaching.  The assumption is that you are already familiar with the scope of the program, have taught it for awhile following your Basic, and that you plan to teach 3rd grade or above.

PREREQUISITE:  completion of a Basic Seminar from any Endorsed SWR Trainer.

The Advanced Seminar presents a deeper level of the program, with special attention to:

  • additional Reference Pages required in the Black Logbook
  • advanced level words for familiar reference pages
  • work with Greek and Latin roots
  • suggestions for teaching composition
  • Wise Guide secrets increasing assignment level of difficulty
  • building advanced vocabulary
  • necessary adaptations for grades beyond elementary

At the trainer’s discretion, the seminar begins anywhere from Section M through Section T, depending on the needs of each Advanced group.  Anyone teaching 3rd grade or above will benefit, which includes teachers and homeschoolers teaching language arts through 12th grade.  You will begin to build your Master Teacher’s Black Logbook during the seminar for later completion on your own.

WA State Clock Hours are available to certified teachers by special arrangement with the trainer. Schools may make arrangements with the trainer for teacher in-services.

Cost is $198, $98 for Special Guests (pastors and their wives, full-time missionaries, single parents, second person 12 or older in same family/same household, or alums of prior SWR Advanced Seminars).

For instructions on how to prepare for your Advanced SWR Seminar, see the related blog post on this web site.

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