SWR is Like “Boot Camp” for English
Guest Blogger: Jennifer Braden

Last fall I had the privilege of taking a Spell to Write and Read Basic Seminar, essentially a boot camp/training seminar for moms and teachers choosing to teach their kids to read and write via this method, developed by Wanda Sanseri from the Romalda Spalding method. The trainer, Sarah Moser, was absolutely fantastic, going above and beyond expectations. She walked us through the SWR “big picture”, but she also gave us a passion to teach our kids about the English language, and to preserve it, not just teach kids to spell well.

The Braden Family with Ronald McDonald:
Luke, Jenn, Ava, Heidi, Michael, Eliza, Molly (not pictured)

A Crusader for the English Language

Sarah’s really a crusader for the English language. She knows a LOT about it – history, influences, etc., and even better, is a believer. I personally walked away from her seminar thinking EVERYONE should learn to read and write this way, because it’s, well, amazing!

Learn the 98 Keys

Spell to Write and Read is what I call an in-depth approach to phonics. It’s based on the premise that there are 98 keys to learning the English language: the 70 Phonograms and the 28 Spelling Rules. Once you learn those, you really can read or spell anything.

Eliminates the Need for “Sight Words”

SWR eliminates the idea of sight words, maintaining that nearly all English words follow a rule of some sort, and it’s proved to be true! I will admit, it’s a little intimidating at first, and it takes some studying on the parent’s part, but it is SO WORTH IT. I absolutely LOVE it.

SWR Works for All Students

Another thing I love is that the program doesn’t assume your kids aren’t intelligent. 🙂 I’ve taught it for two years with Heidi, 7, and I’m starting it now with Ava,5. It’s very, very logical. My kids picked up on the concepts FAST, even the ones I didn’t expect them to. Ava already knows a lot of information; she gained it just by listening in on Heidi’s lessons.

Teach from the Masters of  Worldwide Literature

Each spelling list includes a sample sentence including the spelling word. SWR uses scriptures, quotes from famous Americans, Chinese proverbs, Shakespeare, Aesop, and more. It is an absolute mixed salad of quotes from every corner of the world. “See Spot run” would of course serve the purpose for a sample sentence, but SWR goes above and beyond, exposing kids to excellent classical literature. Heidi and I have had some really fun conversations that have stemmed from these sample sentences as I’ve explained them or given her more info behind the history of the quote.

One Year and Only Scratching the Surface

We’ve completed two years of SWR, and I know we’ve only just scratched the surface.  I was amazed at how many issues SWR addresses or fixes completely, common pitfalls that a lot of kids never get around when it comes to learning to write and read. I look forward to taking my kids through the entire program and giving them that sure footing that I know is essential to their education in the coming years.  I already see the concepts “click” in my 1st grader’s mind, and I find that I learn right along with her, even though I consider myself a good speller and decent writer.

SWR Instills Respect for English

I hope, via this program, to instill a respect for the English language in my kids’ minds, and to remove the uncertainty and disdain people often have for it.  It’s a beautiful language, it’s broad, it can describe nearly anything, and it’s LOGICAL.  Spell to Write and Read is the pathway to discovering that, and Sarah Moser is an excellent guide to introduce someone to the journey!

Jennifer Braden is a homeschool mother of five who lives with her family in Ontario, OR. You may contact her directly at jennbraden5@gmail.com.

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