Online tutoring for all ages is now available to anyone who has Skype nationwide. Parent/grandparent coaching also available. Contact Sarah Moser for more information. Tutoring and parent coaching slots are filled n a first-come, first-served basis.

For registration, Materials Purchases, or Other Information:

Contact Trainer Sarah Moser: , or at 425-652-3967.

Basic Seminar Costs

Three-day Seminars: $195.00 or $98 for certain Special Guest categories

Two-day Basic Seminars: $135.00 or $68 for certain Special Guest categories.

Basic Seminar Class Content

This hands-on seminar demonstrates how we use spelling as the foundation for teaching writing and reading. All grades, pre-K to 12,  benefit. In either a two-day or three-day Basic seminar, you will receive an overview of the program, its methodologies, and historical background.
NOTE: Three-day Basic format is recommended. It affords teachers and homeschool parents and grandparents more opportunity to practice their dictation process in class situations and while applying homework, more Reference Pages to touch on, and more time to understand the way to teach Spell to Write and Read.

Seminar Methodology

For the greater part of the course the instructor will teach you as if you were the child learning from scratch. This experience with you being the student will help you better understand SWR and give you confidence to teach the program to your children. Learn how to teach English in a logical, consistent way regardless of the student’s ability level.

Cathy Duffy Endorsement of SWR

Cathy Duffy, who selected SWR for her newly released curriculum guide of the 100 Top Picks, reports:

“Wanda and other teachers she has trained and endorsed offer seminars across the country and in Canada. I have received many positive reports from those who have attended Wanda’s seminars and have used her materials. They tell me that Wanda gives them practical instruction that really works.”

Seminar Alum’s Endorsement

One class attendee wrote: “I have learned more in this two-day course than in all my twelve years in school. I feel I have gained more confidence to teach.”

Teacher Prep for Basic Classes

Advanced study of the Spell to Write and Read teacher’s manual is highly recommended before attending a training class. It is especially essential to get a working knowledge of the phonograms ahead of time. Read the introduction and the appendix to SWR. If you want to be totally ready and get the maximum out of your Basic Seminar experience, read the Introduction through page 69, otherwise known as Steps 1-11. It is also highly recommended that you look over the Scope and Sequence and practice giving the spelling dictation scripted in Step 12.

Required Materials

SWR Core Kit:

Spell to Write and Read Teacher’s Manual

Wise Guide Lesson Plans

Phonogram Practice CD

70 Basic Phonogram Cards

Spelling Rule Cards

Teaching in Homeschools or Small Groups?

Cost: $105.00 plus tax  plus shipping, as applicable (includes small Spelling Rule Cards)

Teaching in Classrooms?

Cost: $110.00 plus tax plus shipping, as applicable (includes large Spelling Rule Cards)

Basic Seminar Prices

We now recommend the three-day Basic Seminar option. More can be accomplished and taught, and the days of required attendance are shorter than with the two-day option. The price for the three-day Basic Seminar is $195/$68 for special guests; $98 every time you take the same class as a refresher.
The price for a full two-day basic class is $135 regular/$68 for special guest. Some seminars now provide a third day Intermediate session for an additional $68.
NOTE: We now recommend the three-day Basic Seminar option, $195.00 or $98 for certain Special Guest** categories.
The three-day option provides much better beginning exposure and time to learn than the two-day option.
** Special Guest definition:
  • an alumni/alumna of a prior Basic Seminar who completed a prior Basic from any Endorsed SWR Trainer
  • additional family member of same immediate family living in the same household who attends with preregistered adult member at full price
  • full-time pastors or their wives
  • full-time missionaries or their wives
  • any young person 12 or above attending with a registered parent
Nursing infants are welcome to come with their preregistered parent, but we cannot accommodate toddler ages through eleven years old.  Young people 12 and up are half-price if they attend with a fully registered parent.

Hostess Incentives

Hosts, hostesses, and organizations interested in sponsoring a seminar may also earn incentives in cash or books after the Trainer’s base costs are met.  Contact Sarah Moser for information on host incentives.

Payment Policy

Payment must be made in US funds. Arrangements may be made with the Trainer to pay for registration through PayPal, although a small additional fee may apply for tuition only.  For FAQ about seminars see information at: or    [Please use our Registration Form on this web site]

Washington State Clock Hours for Certified Teachers


Available by separate arrangement with Trainer at a low cost for all Family Education Services sponsored Basic or Advanced Seminars and Wise Guide Practica Workshops.  Please email Sarah for further information.  Clock Hours provided as a courtesy through accredited private school Academy Northwest.