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Wanda Sanseri, author of the Spell to Write and Read program, recently published an SWR-specific Black Logbook. It is completely pre-formatted for those teaching or using the SWR program from 3rd – 12th grades. All pages you are used to using in the Black Log are still formatted in this new log.


  • more Reference Pages
  • more Spelling Section pages
  • greater adaptibility for e junior high/high school years
  • Greek and Latin Roots pages
  • Greek and Latin numbers pages
  • F, L, S spelling rule page
  • Greek and Latin prefixes page
  • Greek suffixes
  • Latin suffixes
  • Homographs page

You may download a free copy of the Answer Key here: Answer Key for New Black Log 2012

Available now through Family Education Services for $12.00. Email trainer Sarah Gunning Moser to order at

2 responses to “New SWR Black Log!”

  1. Linette says:

    I would like to order 2 or 3 SWR black logs. How much is shipping?

  2. Sarah Moser says:


    Shipping goes by weight and distance. Minimum shipping and handling is $3.50 per package plus cost of merchandise and WA state tax, unless you live in a state with a reciprocity agreement such as Oregon, which has no sales tax.

    The black logs are $12.00 each and are preformatted. Lots more Reference Pages than the old type. Much more flexible for use with 3rd through 12th grades!

    Please send me your mailing address and zip code along with number of logs desired. After that, I’ll be able to tell you the cost. You can pay via PayPal (real time by phone) or check. Shipment

    The shipment is sent once payment received in my office. Any questions, contact me at

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Sarah Moser

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