Spell to Write and Read shows teachers and parents how to teach comprehensive language arts over a 4-6 year period.  Diagnostic testing is utilized for placing students in the curriculum according to accurately-normed tests based on the student’s mastery level and readiness.  When taught according to the Scope and Sequence in the teacher manual, SWR works effectively no matter what a student’s starting level may be.

The curriculum is based on a time-proven method of applied linguistics and decades of scientific research of the English language.  It helps high achievers, slow readers, new or remediating readers, PK-12th graders and ESL students.  SWR has helped countless students of all ages reduce dyslexic tendencies as well as mitigate the effects of ADD and similar disorders.

SWR is not a workbook type of program.  It is teacher-directed, logically and sequentially.  Students completing the program will understand the structure, history, and logic of English and be fully equipped to learn any word in the largest and most eclectic language on earth.  SWR works with the design of the brain instead of against it and utilizes four of our five senses on a daily basis. All learning styles benefit.

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