Generic Registration Form

April 28th, 2011 by Sarah Moser

Use the following link to open a PDF of Family Education Services Generic Registration Form.  You may register for any SWR Seminar or Workshop offered by Endorsed Trainer Sarah Gunning Moser. You may copy as many Registration Forms as you need for your school, teacher’s group, or homeschool support group. To open the PDF file, […]


Wanda Sanseri’s Senate Speech

April 26th, 2011 by Sarah Moser

“Most of us do not appreciate or properly value our language. We’ve been told English is illogical, irregular, and filled with endless exceptions. We flounder teaching spelling and reading. I have transformational news. English is NOT as perplexingly difficult as we’ve been led to believe. With … just 98 cards, you can unlock most words in our dictionary. This news is particularly amazing considering the international significance of our language.” Wanda Sanseri, SWR Author