Homeschooling and You Column, July 16, 2011

You can’t do it all.  Repeat after me: you can’t do it all.

Homeschoolers are notorious for criticizing themselves.  You think you aren’t doing enough, so you do more and wind up exhausted, frustrated, and confused.  Sound familiar?

What can I offer you from the vantage point of the Empty Nest?  Only that eventually you will gain calm satisfaction from a job well done, that your children are equipped for life and the task is complete.

Homeschooling has inherent pressures and responsibilities.  Take time for yourself along the way. Perhaps this means insisting on an hour a day alone.  Perhaps it means taking a walk every day by yourself.  You must set boundaries, and children must learn to honor others’ time, starting at home.  Your example teaches balance for them.  Keep at it.  The rewards are great, the consequences of not doing so, profound.

Regard yourself as a bowl of grain.  If the bowl is full, eat.  When it is empty, replenish it.  You must keep your “bowl” full to keep going.

Homeschooling is but a season of your life and will end soon enough.  Invest in it by devoting time to refresh yourself.  Allow yourself to enjoy the journey.

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