We are working still on the Shopping Cart feature for this site. Until it is operational, please email Sarah Moser for any materials you wish to order. You may read about a few of the basic Core Kit materials if you go to the blog on this site and type in “How to Order Materials” in the Search Box on the right.  The full list includes:

  • books for all ages
  • SWR materials
  • children’s education games
  • general homeschooling tools
  • home organization tools
  • beginning readers and workbooks
  • read aloud children’s books
  • recommended K-6 children’s book list
  • American history products (limited)
  • prayer materials and books
  • Greek and Latin roots materials
  • SWR DVDs and CDs

Price List Revised 07-27-12

NOTE: This file will open in Excel and the list takes only the first four pages of the Excel Worksheet.

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