This summer take advantage of our four Summer Specials on English from the Roots Up, Volumes I and II, by local author Joegil Lundquist.  We have four separate sale bundles available.  We offer Volumes I and II of the teaching manual, each of which includes lesson plans for 100 root words in Greek and Latin.   Volume I may be used for 2nd grade and up, and Volume II is recommended for 4th grade and up.

Sales also on laminated card sets of the roots, Volume I and II.

Bundle I:

Buy EFRU Volume I and Volume II together = $53.90 [retail $29.95 each] 

Bundle II:

Buy EFRU Card Sets I and II together = $32.40 [retail $18.00 each]

Bundle III:

Buy 1 EFRU Book and 1 Card Set together = $43.15 [retail $47.95]


Buy EFRU Volumes I & II books + Card Sets I & II = $85.35 [retail $95.90]  

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